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13 February 2010 @ 12:05 am
Night Watch Poster    So I watched Night Watch and Day Watch back to back.  Night Watch was a critical foreign darling back in February 2006.  It is considered Russia’s most popular Blockbuster movie.  And for the most part is it a fun action movie.  Not typical in the American sense as there isn’t a lot of fighting, there more racing around in bulky and awkward heavy trucks which U guess is suppose to be humorous.  And the acting is good and the story telling coherent with a nice European twist.  But Oh my god – Look out for the sequel Day Watch it is a spewing FX shot after another chained together more by happenstance than actual plot.  Seriously it was as if someone said these several keep FX scene must appear in this movie write something to make this happen.
    Good versus evil is not that hard to write.  And Good versus evil in a stale mate is even easier.  When good and evil are in a stale-mate you don’t want that balance upset because the world would veer too severely in one direction over the other.  So what happens is your protagonist must find a way to keep the balance whether he’s on one side or the other.  It doesn’t matter is he’s on the good side or evil side because in the end it’s all relative.  But this movie, oh god, this movie is clearly crazy.  Maybe I need to be drunk to appreciate this movie more because it comes across as some inebriated fantasy writer’s ramblings.  The plot may be too cDay Watch Posteromplicated or it was cramming so much into it it came out crazy.  Like a Russian novel, the cast of character is huge and at time redundant.  So many want to redeem themselves; so many have their own agendas dependent on one event which that the end becomes this crazy mess of screams and explosions and blood it made my head spin.  But I have to admit, though I felt the movie’s length I couldn’t just stop watching it.  And I had an opportunity because the copy I received was skipping towards the beginning of the end and I could have just thrown my hands up and ended there, but no!  I grabbed the disk and put it in my computer which had an easier go at reading the dvd than my playstation.  What spurred me on if I was tired of this mess of a film?  Hope.  I wanted the movie to be aware of its crazy and find a way to come through in the end.  Did it?  I guess but it took forever to get to the point you had been waiting for since the possibility we entered that could fix it.  I guess I didn’t care for all the crazy action, chasing, and “fighting” when the answer was so simple and clear I just wanted to get to the point. 
    The movie wore out its welcome and like a bad guest hung around way past when it should have ended.  Is it just me or is it my American culture that demands this aesthetic?  Did anyone else see this movie.  Am I crazy or is this movie crazy because I got to the point I was so frustrated with Day Watch I almost sent it to the level of Southland Tales.  And that’s a level of hell no one should be sent willing to.
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11 February 2010 @ 11:53 pm
    I’m rethinking my approach to the short for the anthology.  Instead of doing the story from a major character’s point of view I’m flipping it to a minor one.  And I’m going to adjust the story to a noir template.  I was thinking about this today and wondering why the story in my head had a certain je ne sais quoi.  It just didn’t flow and I realized I was trying to build the story from a main character from my on going series Pandora Inc that I’ve been thinking about for the fourth part of volume one. 
    Because I hadn’t finished this part of volume one, I was trying to kill two birds with one stone.  If I develop this character for the short she’ll be ready for the fourth part.  But in the end this is lazy.  This story must be self contained and to do that it must occupy the life of a character that is not related to the event of the on going series.  If you look at Brian K. Vaughn’s Y: The Last Man in the very last couple of issues he filled in a story with a character named Waverly, who was a former supermodel turned trash disposal for the dead male bodies, that Yorick and Ampersand ran into towards the beginning of the series.  Towards the end of the series he picks up this same character and fills in the world by completing a thread about woman and objectification using Waverly and a male impersonator named Bobbi.  The only way these characters directly connect is that Waverly tried to capture Yorick with handcuffs and of course that did not hold.  But it’s a complete story in itself that informs the readers of the world and issues of that world in a post “male” age. 
    That is why telling this short from the point of view from my one of my main characters is wrong.  It’s not wrong that she is in it but she’s too stitched in the world of Pandora, Inc., to be a simple eight page short.  So I’m scrapping the first draft and going back to square one with a clearer view of where I’m going.   
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11 February 2010 @ 12:06 am
    Not much to write about today.  I spent most of my time with the new puppy.  Had a meeting via skype with my artist on Pandora; He’s trying to move quicker and seems to have a system in mind to move quicker, so that’s good.  Snowed a lot here today and of course it’s what everyone is talking about.  Tomorrow when it’s slowed down I’ll shovel the walks.  Getting low on food but I’ll be fine for two more days.  But overall everything is good.  I am trying to figure out a routine for the puppy so he can be outside when he has to “eliminate,” as the dog training book calls it.  Right now he seems to thing my study and its wool shag carpet is the bathroom.  Maybe I should febreeze it to eliminate the scent.
    According to the book I have to reward him when he “goes” outside; the problem is I never know when he needs to go.  I thought I saw some tale-tell sign today. He starts this weird prancing about.  But I took him outside and stood in the cold with him for like fifteen minutes and all he did was shiver between my shoes.  He obviously hates the cold and I hate wasting my time so I took him in and sure enough a couple of minutes later he was in my study doing his business.  Right now he’s cuddled up in my lap as I type this, hiding his eyes to keep the light out.  We’ll be going to bed here soon after I post this.  It ain’t easy being a puppy or its owner.
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    So today I started to write out the plot to my stort for the anthology.  But my favorite part of the day has been the arrival of my new best friend Jimmay Jaxs!  He is an 8 week old Border Collie.  He’s obviously feeling depressed being in a new place away from his brothers and sisters.  He’s eaten a bowl of puppy chow and does not like the doggie biscuits.  He’s peed three times and pooped twice.  And I am having a blast through it all.  I took him outside to see the back yard – he didn’t seem to like the leash or the snow.  What he does like is to be cuddled up next to me when I’m on the couch or in my lap when I’m at the computer.  But when I have to write he just stays under my chair or goes into his kennel.  I had a blanket sent up to the owner of the mother and father to get their scent on it so he wouldn’t feel so bad. 
    I have never raised a dog all by myself and it’s an exciting adventure.  Of course in my mind I think of how I’m going to make this dog into the best dog ever, but you know what it probably won’t happen.  I just want him happy.  When he whimpers it breaks my heart, but all I can and will do is be there for him.  It’s a new adventure: The Adventures of Kevin and Jimmay Jaxs! 
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08 February 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Headphone Girl artMusic is such a personal form of entertainment.  People criticize each other whether superficially or sub-textually that I think it has polarized people to either where their tastes on their sleeves, (belt buckle, or hair style, or general outward disposition) or it pushes people to closet their music tastes where they put no protest on the office radio dominated by one channel or to the point where wearing a headset is the only solution to escaped a perceive oppression of sonic tastes.
People listen to everything to Gospel, Chinese Opera, World Music, Electro, Techno, Death Metal, Classic music; anything you can think of music is made from it.  And this Music tribalism is rather interesting to see how it continues to further splinter as we move forward in time.  It has splinter so much in fact that only the internet is sufficient is delivering music to individual tastes.  No single records store, box store, or vintage used store can serve everyone.  The music is shared, stolen, given, and purchased and by these transaction tastes adjust and change to the point that each computer mp3 catalog or player is as unique as the personality of its user.
But to further that; the musicians themselves are becoming more and more unique.  I am aware of Lady Gaga (I’m not that old) but I am old enough were I feel my tastes slipping from the main stage.  I have always been an outsider so this bothers me little, but where I once would see artist I recognize every so often it has become a race to Wikipedia just to understand who they are.  And I guess that’s just the sign of the times.
My parents don’t like my music.  And I wasn’t always keen on theirs, but there were a few I liked.  But for the most part it was a small transitional artist or band that made a walk-bridge between generations.  I wonder who will bridge my tastes with the future of music.  Will I like them?  Or will I always have my tastes reflected in someway in the current catalog of working artists?  Do my parents listen to new music?
Not really.  I helped my mother download a generic music collection that she got because a few of the bands she likes were in the collection.  She’s never downloaded music before.  But this year she has a new computer and mp3 player and is so excited to be part of this new world of individual tastes, but her first dip in that world wide web of music she merely waded in the id’s pool.  A safe selection; a compilation of familiar artists; (of which if she were to go through her CD’s she’d find those same songs) because its not the new music she’s interested in and it really isn’t the experience of digital music its just trying to stay current with the trends.  No her tastes were developed a long time ago and I doubt she is looking to change them – and luckily the internet has just the songs ready for her.

Music Artist on Mp3 playerThese past few days a friend of mine came over to stay and he downloaded music onto my computer.  I have all kinds of new music and I felt I already had quite the adequate collection.  Now I have to listen to them, rate them, make sure the info on that mp3 is correct and then ultimately decide whether they are worth the hard drive space.  But this process even if it seems contrary to the idea of music freedom, actually sets a path to new and exciting art and artists.  What will I discover?  What new part of my personality will be reflected on my mp3 player?  Only listening and rating will send me to those new lands, and so I must rate.
If you’re curious about my tastes I encourage you to click this link to my Pandora station which holds a current collection of my tastes.  And maybe you would share yours with me too.

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03 February 2010 @ 12:11 am

I’ve been offered to do a short 8 page script for an anthology to build my rep as a writer through my publisher.  I’m excited and have been going through possible stories in my head.  I want to make it “Pandora, Inc” related but no so ingrained into the current story that it couldn’t stand on its own.  So I’m working out possible angles in my mind.  The artist that my publisher got for me is fantastic, her name is Amy Pearson.  She works over in Britain and has this wonderful comic she is developing herself called Mathema, based upon some kind of Victorian setting and magic.  I can’t wait to look at more of her material.  Now that I got a sense of her drawing style and I know it will be in color I have to choose carefully how to work with her abilities, story wise, and bring out a memorable 8 page story.  I’m so excited my entire sleep schedule has been off since I got this opportunity.

I have to make a full script by February 22nd; earlier if I can do it.  My writing process generally has me just do research, then a quick plot (usually a condensed story about 5 pages long), then a script outline where I lay out what happens on each page, and then the actual working script.  But since this is an 8 page short I’m thinking the process can be faster as there is less material and I am making this a finalized, self-contained story.  I think what I want to do is a murder of an immortal.  Where the body is burned and the head is gilded in gold.  This prevents the possibility of regeneration.  And I want to put it in Japan, during the Sengoku jidai (Warring States period).  But that’s all I have so far.  But I am working on this and between Pandora Inc, and the Marco Polo Project, I am very excited about my writing career!

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I’m astonished by how many people don’t know about geography, about their own country and those near by them.  And it seems people know that Haiti was hot by an earthquake, but don’t know where it is or anything about.  No I never took any special classes on geography in college; everything I know is from high school and my own curious investigations.  So I’d thought on this Monday I’d share basic information and give some details about Haiti and specifically this Earthquake in a geological sense.  I am not a scientist this is not a peer review or official information – it basically in my head and what I could dig up on Wikipedia.  You can link to the article here.

So Haiti: Where is it:

Note that Haiti only makes up the western half of an island.  The Eastern side is a country known as the Dominican Republic.  The whole island is known as Hispaniola.  Before it was colonized by the French and Spanish, it was home of several groups of Taínos natives who originated from the eastern coast of South America (Brazil mostly).  They migrated into the Caribbean islands no one is sure why.  They were one of two groups of natives Christopher Columbus encountered on his first trip to explore a western sea route to the East Indies.  As we all remember Christopher Columbus did not know about the Americas and completely stumbled upon the people and lands by accident.


This is the entire island of Hispaniola; modern day Haiti makes up the western half (approximately the areas labeled Jaragua and Marién) the rest is the Dominican Republic.  If we look at a topographical map of Hispaniola we can see why there was, and still is, this boarded illustrated in red.

As you can see the whole island of Hispaniola is rather mountainous.  It would make moving by foot or alpaca very difficult.  There would be few places one could travel safely and easily.  Namely these locations outlined in blue:


The highest peak in the Caribbean is located in the middle of Hispaniola, Pico Duarte in the Cordillera (coastal mountain chain) Central mountain range it is in the Dominican Republic marked by the red triangle.  Léogâne in Haiti was the epicenter of the earthquake; it is marked by the orange dot.  As you can see Hispaniola is kind of scrunched up like an accordion.  It has high peaks and low valleys.  Which means the land is being compressed.  Starting with the mountain range off the north coast, Cordillera Septentrional, that forms the first range from a north to south order, then the Cibao Valley then the Cordillera Central, which had Pico Duarte in it, then another valley, The Plateau Central (Central Plateau), and the mountain range to its south west is the Cordillera Oriental.  Off the Cordillera Oriental’s southern slopes is the Cul-de-Sac Depression where several salt lakes lie, and finally the southern most mountain range Sierra de Bahoruco, and extends west into Haiti as the Massif de la Selle and the Massif de la Hotte.  It has Haiti’s largest peak, Pic la Selle and along the northern slopes is where the earthquake’s epicenter was Léogâne near the Gulf of Gonâve and the capital of Haiti Port-au-Prince.

Hispaniola is also considered a Greater Antilles island.  Antilles is the name to label the islands of the Caribbean Sea.  There are minor Antilles which are made from volcanic or coral activity, but the major Antilles are made of continental rock which means they come from the surface rather than from magma plumes from beneath the surface.  So how did Continental rock get to be used to make the island of Hispaniola?

Hispaniola is situated on the Caribbean tectonic plate.  The plate is rubbing against the North American Plate which borders with the Caribbean plate off the coast of southern Cuba and northern Hispaniola.  This is creating a mountain range on bother islands and scrunching Hispaniola causing orogenic belts of mountain ranges on both islands and into the north east coast of South America.  Now to the west over Central America is another plate known as the Cocos Plate that is pushing against the direction of the Caribbean plate; this is another Orogenic Belt that forms Central America today.

So the Haiti quake of 2010 was not due to a pact with the devil, or God’s wrath, or any plan.  It was nature.  It was there before (according to French records when they had the colony of Haiti it was devastated by a major quake that flattened every building except one mason building in 1751) and it will happen again.  This is just a cursorily glance at all the information.  There is a ton more on how the Caribbean plate was formed, on the indigenous people of Hispaniola, and of course the history and culture of Haiti itself.  If you can’t get involved financial get aware intellectually.  It helps empathize and spur imagination, which could help, if not today, tomorrow.



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31 January 2010 @ 02:23 am
Art can be found in anything and honesty, the goal of any art, is itself a tool in this epic search in the form of satire. Enjoy this clip from the BBC show Newswipe with Charlie Brooker.

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14 July 2009 @ 07:46 pm
Tomorrow is comic book day and with that day is a chance at some new comics.  Two titles from Boom Studio, a venture started by Mark Waid (Flash, Impulse, Kingdom Come, Captian America, and Ruse) looks promising.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep:

Based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick and interior art by Tony Parker (Warhammer 40k)


Written by J. Barton Mitchell a newcommer and art by Dean Kotz (Outlaw Territory)

We shall see, but if these samples are any clue it looks good to me!
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15 April 2009 @ 01:18 am
Okay, I'm going to switch up the tone of this site from boring musings about writing and the weather to something a little more topical.  I hope everyone enjoys!!!

Hi everyone,

Well I thought I'd kick off this blog with a piece of comic book news, and that is with Marvel Divas.  Here's a sample cover art and the blurb about it from Joe Quesada blog “MYCUP O’JOE” who had guest bloggers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning write up the following:

"This also seems like the perfect time to announce our Marvel Divas limited series, beginning in July, from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Tonci Zonjic, featuring some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest female heroes in a way you haven’t seem them before.  I’ll let Roberto explain:

“The idea behind the series was to have some sudsy fun and lift the curtain a bit and take a peep at some of our most fabulous super heroines. In the series, they're an unlikely foursome of friends--Black Cat, Hell Cat, Firestar, and Photon--with TWO things in common: They're all leading double-lives and they're all having romantic trouble. The pitch started as "Sex and the City" in the Marvel Universe, and there's definitely that "naughty" element to it, but I also think the series is doing to a deeper place, asking question about what it means...truly means...to be a woman in an industry dominated by testosterone and guns. (And I mean both the super hero industry and the comic book industry.) But mostly it's just a lot of hot fun.” ~~Source:
MYCUP O' JOE VOL 14 - April 9th, 2009

So people on the boards are divided on the project.  Some like the idea citing it as a fun concept that is sure to be comedic and add a lighter dimension to the Marvel universe.  As we all know, both DC and Marvel universes right now are quite bleak and some light fair might be in order.  However, there are several objections and some of them are good, like
Jennifer de Guzman's comments of Robot 6 new feed on CBR:

" I’ve been trying for years to get my waist be roughly 2/3 the circumference of my thighs! And to find friends whose measurements are exactly the same as mine so we can share latex costumes! And no matter how many doctors I ask, none will agree to break my feet and realign them so they’re perpetually in the much-coveted “wearing stiletto f-me shoes” shape. What is these ladies’ secret?!" ~~ Source:
Robot 6: Sex and the Single Marvel Super Power Heroine - April 9th, 2009

and another:

"...they're like "we're making this for the ladies" and then "these ladies will be really sexy". I'm not sure who that's supposed to appeal to...? As a gay woman, I'm not turned on by those images so it sure as hell isn't me. Then they finish up the description as saying "this'll be a look at what it's like for ladies to be in a male-dominated field" but then just utilize the stereotypes that make women very sad in that male-dominated field. ie: women should be hot with a weird-ass body (see cover), defined by their relationships with men, etc.

and then there's the cover. 1) As a lady of color, I like my minorities to have some indication of ethnicity other than what the colors puts on there. 2) Body types are all exactly the same (more strange because I KNOW that Campbell is capable of drawing different body types on men, he'll draw kids and little people and bony scientists and fat guys). 3) The body type chosen is less than appealing. They are physically impossible.

You might not think the solicit sounds that bad but compare it to the solicit for gotham sirens:
This all-new series features the bad girls of Gotham City! Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are tired of playing by other people's rules regardless of which side of the law they're on. These tough ladies have a new agenda that's all their own, and they'll use any means necessary to pursue it. But can they get along and work as a team? And who will get hurt along the way?

See, it's more about the actual cool adventure they'll have rather than the fact that they're ladies and they're going to be really, really sexy! Of course they'll be pretty but that shouldn't be your marketing strategy.
" ~~Source: Adriana Ferguson a.k.a. veryvery on Comicbook Queers Podcast Forum Marvel | Marvel Divas Thread Monday April 13th, 2009


So the question is do you find the idea of Marvel Divas offensive in that it portrays women as materialistic and defining their lives around their relationships with men?  In other words, is the book interested, or is a tool of interest, to perpetuate a patriarchal control over the lives of women even those who are seen and have powers many don't? Or do you find that the book is light fare and its only interest is to entertain.  If so who is it meant to entertain and will it entertain you?



Please post your comments below.  And keep it civil, no trolling no personal attacks.  Talk (or write rather) calmly about this matter.  If you're upset step back and take a moment to think it out.  It took me a while to write this, so your response should be equally crafted.


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